Guinness Distressed English Tee

As an American my drinking comes in several forms.  There is of course the ice cold American lager on a hot summer day by the pool.  Then there’s the rebirth of the craft beer scene, full of pale ales and IPAs.  And sometimes I even like to feel worldly, which means going to a pub instead of bar.  The growth of the American pub scene is ripe with British, Scottish, German, and of course Irish pubs.  While they all have their own national styles of beers from ESBs to Dunkel Bocks it’s hard to beat Draught Guinness.  I know a lot of people are going to cringe and say ‘don’t be that guy’.  Don’t wear the shirt of the band to the concert.  Don’t wear a shirt of the movie your going to see.  And of course don’t wear a shirt of the beer your drinking.  But I say go far it!  Be that guy!  Score yourself one of these Guinness shirts, head over to the closest Irish pub, and order a fucking Irish car bomb like a real American!



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